Muster Ceremony
Date/Time: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 3:30 p.m.
Location: Texas Capitol – 1100 Congress Avenue

We have confirmation that the House Chambers will be available for our Muster event. Please make your way there when you arrive. We will have volunteers stationed at the entry points at the Capitol to direct you.

PARKING: There is street parking available around the Capitol grounds, and you can park in the Texas Capitol Visitors Parking Garage on San Jacinto between 12th & 13th Streets.

Speaker: Ryan Sitton ’98

Commissioner Ryan Sitton is a native Texan who grew up in the Irving area. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and met his wife, Jennifer. Following college, Ryan went to work as an engineer in the energy industry.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Ryan is considered a leader in his field and has provided expert testimony in both regulatory and civil court cases. He has served on the board of several energy trade associations and is currently on the board of the Texas A&M Energy Institute and the Texas A&M Engineering Advisory Council.

In 2015, Ryan was recognized as one of the 40 most influential leaders under the age of 40 in the Houston area. He became the youngest person identified as a Distinguished Engineering Alumnus by Texas A&M, and he is the first engineer to serve as a Railroad Commissioner in more than 50 years.

Ryan and his wife Jennifer have three children and are active members of St. Andrews Episcopal Church. A lifelong entrepreneur, Ryan enjoys inventing, especially with his kids, and building all sorts of creations with the family’s collection of more than 100,000 Legos. He is deeply honored to serve as the Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Answering the Muster Volunteer Roll Call
As we prepare to answer the roll call for our fellow Ags at Muster, we are in need of people to answer the VOLUNTEER roll call. Volunteers are needed the day of the event to help with set-up, greeting, ushering, and handing out programs. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jamie Bennett at

Informal Gathering After the Ceremony
We will be having an informal gathering following the ceremony on the 2nd floor of Caroline’s at 7th and Congress. It’s a 5-minute walk from the Capitol! Tacos are $3 and beers are $5. They have shuffleboard, corn hole, and more!

Roll Call

B. Musgraves ’32 John Smith ’59 Aileen Yager ’85
Willis Culp ’38 Andrew Shuvalov ’60 Thomas Laine ’40
George Grimmer ’39 James Alvis ’60 Sharon Marquardt ’85
George Humphries ’44 David McKay ’62 Marco Martinez ’91
Lester Raab ’46 A. Fischer ’64 Brian Lasher ’95
Luther Ellison ’46 William J. Stewart ’65 Neal Reasoner ’96
Carlos Kirby ’47 Loyd Hampton ’66 Wendell Stropp ’96
Arthur Haws ’48 Michael Birdsong ’69 Kelli Konopczyk ’97
Billy Seale ’49 Samuel Spangler ’69 Laura Beth Schilling ’03
Billy Turnbow ’50 Richard Haas ’70 Michael Nance ’08
Isaac Freed ’50 James Lillie ’72 Linda Wehmann ’12
Joseph Massa ’50 Beverly Collins Baker ’74 Dalton Mustard ’13
Carl Frederick Scudder Jr. ’51 Steve Hailey ’78 Matt Retzloff ’15
Frank Willis ’54 Mark Teel ’79 Jacob Nagode ’16
Bert Miller ’57 Jeffrey Janner ’82 Finn Thomas Cochran ’39
James W Wilson ’57 Michael Cavanaugh ’83  
Jay Bisbey ’59 Gary Woodring ’84  

Roll Call 4.17.18