Mental Health Virtual Roundtable

Join us Thursday July 30, 2020 at 12pm for a one-hour roundtable to discuss the important issue of mental health with Lindsay Mitchell, founder of Vital Side. Grab the FREE ticket below to receive the Zoom link at the bottom of the confirmation email. If you are a club member, grab a member-only ticket to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card provided by Aaron Farmer with Rudder Realty. Winner will be announced at the end of the event. 


TOPIC: Have you experienced increased stress associated with the little changes in your life caused by the pandemic? Have you experienced physiological symptoms of fear after watching the news? Have you woken up with your heart beating rapidly due to uncertainty? If the answer is YES, it's time to take charge of your mental health to create a sense of safety in your body, so you no longer operate from a state of chronic stress. In this talk, you'll learn the science behind how the brain changes after experiencing a traumatic event and tangible tools we can take to make a positive shift after trauma.

Speaker Bio: Lindsay Mitchell is the founder of Vital-Side, a program designed to reboot the brain’s growth-and-repair response. She helps those with chronic stress and chronic illness go from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a place of freedom and security in their bodies. Five years ago, she started working in medicine as an internal medicine PA-C, and after recovering from chronic Lyme disease, she makes it her mission to help others with chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog to find relief from their persistent symptoms using their most valuable resource- the brain.

Lindsay offers a virtual brain retraining course: The Vital-Side Program to help people jumpstart the process of growth-and-repair/ parasympathetic reset. She works as a neuroplasticity coach and holds weekly community calls for clients in the Vital-Side Program. Lindsay utilizes tools like positive visualization, laughter, and state changing exercises to empower those with chronic illness to boost their immune system and regain their health.