Club Leadership 2023

Logan Harrell - President

Class: 2014
Major:  Ocean and Coastal Resources
Profession: Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Protection Division
Favorite A&M Tradition: 12th Man

Rebecca Bromley-Williams - Development

Class: 2016
Major: Business Management
Favorite A&M Tradition: Reveille

Felipe Mendoza - Membership 

Class: 2002
Major: Spanish
Profession: Realtor for Red Pear Realty & Spanish Teacher
Favorite A&M Tradition:
 Midnight Yell

Colby Holzhaus - Treasurer

Class: 2013
Major: Accounting
Profession: Software Engineer 
Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Network

Gwynn Ritchey - Social

Class: 2003
Major: Geography
Profession: Educational Sales
Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Muster


William Conte - Social

Class: 2015
Major: Construction Science
Profession: Architectural Designer
Favorite A&M Tradition: The Spirit of Aggieland

Jordan McGurr - Social

Class: 2014
Major: Psychology & Business Administration
Profession: Tradeshow & Event Project Manager
Favorite A&M Tradition: Midnight Yell & Muster

Andrew Benavides - Communication

Class: 2020
Major:  Communication 
Profession: Leasing and Marketing Associate at Brandywine Realty Trust 
Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Ring & The 12th Man

Regan Turner - Muster

Class: 2002
Major:  B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Profession: Technology Sales Exec
Favorite A&M Tradition:

Cory Raven - Muster

Class: 2017
Major:  Agricultural Economics
Profession: Attorney at Braun & Gresham, PLLC
Favorite A&M Tradition: Muster & Silver Taps

Cami Silva - Scholarship

Class: 2019
Major: Industrial Engineer 
Technical Account Manager at Google Cloud

Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Network

Aaron "AJ" Zorn - Professional Development 

Class:  2005
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Profession: Residential Land Development
Favorite A&M Tradition: The Four Way Cross


Rob Jennings - Programs

Class: 2006
Major: Political Science
Profession: Cybersecurity Professional
Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Network

Chris Thomas - Coach's Night 

Class: Left prior to graduation
Major: BANA
Profession: Sales Leader for Cloud Based Software Company
Favorite A&M Tradition: Silver Taps

Jackie Ensor - Coach's Night 

Class: 2002
Major: Journalism
Profession: Business Development and Realtor
Favorite A&M Tradition: Muster & Aggie Network