Club Leadership 2021


  • Bryan Farney - President

    Class: 2006
    Major: Finance
    Wealth Management
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Network - Paying it Forward

  • Ilissa Nolan - Development

    Class: 2011
    Major: Agricultural Leadership and Development, Minor in Horticulture
    Government Affairs Consultant
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Midnight Yell

  • Jerry Price - Membership 

    Class: 1987
    Major: Finance
    Profession: Mortgage Loan Officer
    Favorite A&M Tradition:
     Midnight Yell

  • Katie Bennett - Treasurer

    Class: 2015
    Major: Finance
    Profession: Commercial Banker
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Muster

  • Klint Sajdak - Social

    Class: 2012
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Profession: Instrument Engineer at Samsung
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Muster & Midnight Yell


  • Logan Harrell - Communications

    Class: 2014
    Major:  Ocean and Coastal Resources
    Profession: Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Protection Division
    Favorite A&M Tradition: 12th Man

  • Jamie Bennett - Muster

    Class: 2015
    Major:  Mathematics
    Profession: Conservative Texas Politics
    Favorite A&M Tradition:

  • Thomas Burrets - Scholarship

    Class: 2015
    Major: Industrial Distribution
    Profession: Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Muster

  • Steven Lanz - Professional Development 

    Class: 2016
    Major: Finance
    Profession: Associate Vice President at 49 Financial 
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Midnight Yell

  • Katie Farney - Programs

    Class: 2018
    Major: University Studies & Development; Minors: Business, and
    Agricultural Communications and Journalism
    Profession: Associate, Client Services at Dimensional Fund Advisors
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Aggie Ring 

  • Chris Thomas - Coach's Night 

    Class: Left prior to graduation
    Major: BANA
    Profession: Sales Leader for Cloud Based Software Company
    Favorite A&M Tradition: Silver Taps